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Focus on Villamagna

Piandimare Winery in Villamagna (CH)

If it is true that i wines from Abruzzo are experiencing a great period of success, it is also true that a large part of this success passes through Villamagna

One of the smallest denominations in Italy but undoubtedly one of the most interesting of the last decade.

What attracts the attention of critics and the appreciation of lovers of good drink are the power of the reds and the fullness of taste of its whites.

Villamagna and his small group of passionate and industrious producers have been able to add a marked elegance to these wines. And it is precisely what is at the basis of the ever-increasing interest in the wines from this small and well-suited DOC.

The success of this unique recipe does not lie so much in particular winemaking techniques but rather in the common agreement of enhance the area, and the reason why this is responsible for such a high quality is soon explained:

the doc of Villamagna with its only 85 hectares it extends over the hilly area of three municipalities (Vacri, Bucchianico and Villamagna) which are located 10 kilometers from the Adriatic Sea and 10 from the Majella mountain complex.

The crossroads of the currents and the mitigating influence of both elements combined with ideal sun exposures and night excursions make the area characterized by a particularly favorable microclimate for viticulture and not found elsewhere.

A perfect mix that expresses the Villamagna doc with powerful but elegant wines, as if they were «a caress in a fist».

In this scenario the Montepulciano d'Abruzzo it is cultivated by the cellar according to the dictates of organic viticulture.

Particularly Piandimare for years it has undertaken, through its agronomist technicians, a path of support for all the contributing members so that the commitment, in addition to that of conferring perfectly healthy grapes, is also to preserve the ecosystem protecting biodiversity in the vineyard and reducing the use of treatments as close to zero as possible.

Therefore, among the practices aimed at achieving these objectives we find fertilization by green manure, grassing with specific floral varieties to populate the vineyards with useful insects and the use of specific foliar fertilizations for specific phenological periods.

This led to the birth of the Oltremare line, totally certified organic, and to a rediscovery of taste that would not have been possible without such a high quality and healthiness of the starting grapes. 

And although the Piandimare Villamagna Doc is the last to arrive among the wines of the cellar, it is actually one of the first to be thought of. So much so that the construction site for this wine had been open since 2011 - the year of establishment of the DOC - but only this year was the obsessive work of caring for the vineyards and wines considered capable of best representing the potential and quality of the territory of Villamagna Doc.

A wine that reveals such a round and juicy fruit, lightly caressed by the wood which helps bring out the spicy character of the Montepulciano d'Abruzzo accompanying it with a touch of vanilla and a silky tannin.

Come find out how del Villamagna Doc Piandimare has made its flagship Montepulciano. A wine with which he wishes to bring the excellence of Abruzzo to the whole world.