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The mass selection Piandimare

Piandimare is much more than intense work. It is also research and innovation.
The Mass Selection Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Piandimare Selected by us with the advice of Vitis Rauscedo for the genetic study, it has allowed us to isolate this variety and plant it in what without hesitation we would have thought could be its preferred context. And our intuition supported by the enological historicity of this land proved us right.

It could only be otherwise: behind the vineyards we find the Majella and the highest peaks of the Gran Sasso Apennines which contribute between the end of August and October to intensify the temperature ranges by refining the acidity of the fruit and amplifying its aromatic range.
Opposite is the sea which, with its breezes, gives relief to the plants on the hottest days and helps to dissipate humidity, allowing us to cultivate without invasive chemical treatments.
Finally, the well-exposed gentle slopes allow for correct ripening of the grapes which draw their vital energy from the sun, which elegantly blends with the salinity deriving from the same lands where the sea once flowed.

The result is wines from grapes Montepulciano d'Abruzzo full and deep, round in the mouth and vibrant at the same time. Enveloping and filling, with aromas that start from red fruits (the inevitable ripe cherry) and reach the spice of cloves passing through sweet vanilla veins.